Marriage Counselling Comes Online With

Trouble in paradise? Despair not, help is nigh. If you can set p, date, and find love online, there should be somewhere to turn to when things go awry between better halves. And as it turns out, there will be, when launches.

Marriage Counsel’s self-declared mission is to professionally help couples in marital straits find the answers they seek to their domestic challenges in an environment where safety and privacy are guaranteed. 

The service was created by Seye Kuyinu and Deolu Awokola. Deolu first got the idea for a dating site, but two later agreed that the dating concept was already significantly clichéd. The next iteration of the idea was about making relationships work. That problem proved too broad, according to them, and in the end their thinking evolved into a clearer, leaner focus on marriages that need healing. connects married couples with a counsellor, with whom they can talk about their issues. According to Seye, users will be able to choose from any of their accredited counsellors who have decades of experience in marriage counselling and psychology and will maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality for all their exchanges.

Technical finishing touches are delaying the platform’s release, but interested individuals can visit the website and signup to receive launch updates.


  • Sola Akindolu says:

    People love to talk to their pastors on things like this now. I really love this idea though.

  • Obinna Uba says:

    No mention about pricing? Is it going to be a free service? If it is, how are you going to manage the marriage professionals that you talked about. And if it is not, do you really think your buyer persona is ready for this sort of service? What about young “Twitter” unmarried couples, won’t your service somehow sip into their daily lives. How will that be handled since they are not the legally binding couple your service is speaking of? I’m not married yet but I don’t know how many couples will actually leave family, friends & church and pay to get marriage counselling online. From my knowledge, the offline trade wasn’t even that much of a …Hmmm. Well… I better stop because obviously you’ve done your research and you have a business plan. My imagination is throwing various possible UI/UX skeletons in my face which is making it a tad difficult to really have a firm say here. So until there is an actual unveilling, I really can’t comment any further. Sounds like a nice piece of idea overall. Goodluck guys.

    • Anon says:

      Before folks started ordering for goods and services online, people were like, “what tha F? Why should I order online when I can visit the local store” But man, folks are lazy. Now, they prefer to buy stuffs online.

      “I’m not married yet but I don’t know how many couples will actually leave family, friends & church and pay to get marriage counselling online.”

      So don’t be surprised when people pay for this. No one can tell, really. But I think people would pay.

  • ChikaUwazie says:

    I love the idea, and I think this can go very far if executed right. I am not a big fan of putting religion into things but with the Nigerian culture if they do have a way of connecting pastors to this website they will go far. Even having a service where people can sign up to talk to a pastor before they get married to would be a good idea.

  • Anon says:

    Nice idea, but if you ain’t charging from day one, you’re f**king wasting yo time..

    • Ezinma says:

      From Day 1? I disagree. I believe there is value in swapping initial customer feedback for revenue, and refining the service to something that serves customers appropriately, (and which they will beg to be charged for). Just my 2 cents.

      • Anon says:

        Oh Really? Customer feedback is an ongoing stuff not a day stuff. Even when you charge from day one you will still get customers feedback.

        If I should pay for your goods and services, and I need some features or want you to add a feature or just need a random stuff or I want to yab you, I will give you a feedback. So charging from day one doesn’t stop customer feedback.

        “and which they will beg to be charged for”

        Really, customers will beg to be charged for and your target market are Nigerians? I doubt if they will beg to be charged. Only the good ones who really love the product will DONATE. The rest will say “THANK YOU” .

      • I agree with @47Gunshots:disqus, if you do not charge from day one, you have no idea if it is going to be paid for in the future. Too risky.

        If it is rough, charge 30% of what it would be normally. If no one still pays, that you re assess the value you are aiming to provide.

        I believe in the idea of service market places though. There is a lot of potential if executed well. The only way to know if you are doing it right it to ask for money.

        No pay, no play.

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