Multichoice launches Africa Magic Go. A worthy response to iROKOtv?

Just when iROKOtv thought they had a hold on the diaspora, Multichoice has launched Africa Magic Go. Currently unavailable for those accessing it from Nigeria, Africa Magic Go is a streaming service dedicated to bringing all the Africa Magic goodness to Africans living abroad.


iROKOtv’s Jason Njoku has humbly acknowledged Africa Magic Go as competition. Africa Magic has same pricing ($8 a month) as iROKOtv but without the extended commitments. But that’s not all Jason Njoku has to worry about.

You see, Africa Magic pretty much has the local African market. The diaspora used be iROKOtv’s bragging rights. If you ask me, Multichoice’s foray into iROKOtv territory is probably more of an attempt to claim some market share, than it is a validation of the subscription model. Especially as the subscription model doesn’t appear to as profitable as it should be:

However, viable subscription model or not, Africa Magic Go is definitely worthy competition. Yes, iROKOtv has the advantage of an early start but Africa Magic Go has the advantage of content. If the same movies, series, shows and soaps that are currently available on Africa Magic will be available of Africa Magic Go, $8 a month may not be too much of a price to pay. A lot of the people this service is targeted at make more than $8 an hour. It will be interesting to observe how things pan out in the coming months.


  • Sola F. says:

    WOW! and so it begins. Searched a few content and I found them on AfricaMagic and did NOT find on irokotv. (of the few nollywood shows that I have watched/liked)

    Also for some reason AfricaMagic website has a better appeal. It must be the white background and the font selection.

  • Dikachim says:

    Just in case you are still doubting that the South Africans have us & our space all figured out. While we waste our time talking about Rocket.

    This is great news all round. Welcome.

  • Onyeka A. says:

    Ah yes, the fight for the Nigerians abroad continues.

    Questioning the choice to make Africa Magic Go geo-blocked. Guess they don’t want to infringe on their own market? Buy our decoder (and as such, pay more at a higher inconvenience for your own homegrown content) or nothing at all? Despite the fact that we’re buying up sole viewing rights at the detriment of local (and free-to-air) stations? You dont see Hulu blocking American viewers.

    Honestly I’m more interested in the companies that are making it easier for people to watch movies locally without having to invest in a cable box and subscription and with our generally poor and low quality internet coverage. But that’s just me.

    • Even if they make Africa Magic Go available in Nigeria, I don’t imagine there will be enough users on board to disrupt the decoder market, considering the crazy internet costs and largely inconvenient payment structures.

  • Anon says:

    As long as internet data plan is cost and not cheap, this space gon be hard to crack..

    Tell me who don’t wanna stream movies and feel fly? Anon wanna stream and feel fly. My mama, you niggaz don’t wanna load movies on hard disk but stream movies at any damn time and say “Fcuk that shit, we are streaming em movies”

    But right now, it’s all about “I can’t waste my data plan”, “Let me use my office internet plan to download movies and not stream”

    I believe we gon get there.

    “War ready, You got shooters, I’ve got shooters. We’ve got money, Let’s do what them other niggas can’t do” – Rozay FT Jeezy- War Ready

    No offense Biggie, this folks gat you shot, they want to get their own share. Brace up and go to war.

    It’s not about the pageviews and numbers, it’s about the recurring and referrals.

    All the best Biggie.

    BTW: Is Irokotv v3.0 live yet?

    • Jay says:

      FYI: AMGo is for Nigerians in the diaspora that have access to cheaper and better internet plans, that is why it is Geo-blocked (Meaning: if you are in Africa, you can’t access the site). It not for data deprived Alingos like you and I.

      The need to fight for the precious dollar of Nigerians in the diaspora, is bore out of the need to maintain a share of mind and make money while the code to affordable data/internet plans is being cracked in Nigeria.

      In this day and age when devices and equipments are being made with multi-functions capabilities, the dish and the decoders will become useless except DSTV finds more/better usage for the dishes and decoders in a few years down the line.

      DSTV understands that the internet is the future of contents and Africa and they are positioning themselves for that change when if eventually comes with products like DSTV mobile and AMGo

      In other news, Jason travels in a pot of soup to India to renew his Jazz against African Magic… lolz!

  • Alex Onyia says:

    No need to even block it here in Nigeria. I can’t afford to use my data plan to watch free movies not to talk of paid movies. I did it before when tweakware was the savior but not at the moment.

    I’m happy that iRokoTv has a bigger competitor now. Jason will leave those his too much mouth making and focus on improving his business.

  • Tola says:

    IMHO, I think they are just blocking the African market to experiment with users that are already familiar with VOD services with the least investment possible i.e folks in diaspora. The truth is they don’t need the Internet to stream content to users in Africa as they could just install their servers within MTN or Glo’s network and users can stream for free without using their data plan. 3 and Vodafone did this in the 3G early days when data plans where ridiculously expensive. But the disadvantage for them will be that they have to go in partnership with every teleco in every country which is not scalable. So i guess they are waiting for the telecos to sort themselves out and start offering reasonable plans thenAfrica Magic will go down the route of Sky+HD and may even start selling Internet access and telephony too. I think the war here is about customer acquisition and who can pivot faster in which Jason has the upper arm as he is still a startup (I hope??). For example if Jason can strike the same deal that Spotify or SkyGo had with Vodafone in the UK, with any of the network operators in the UK or US, I am sure he can sign up 1 million Africans in the UK and US in less than 6 months! By the way what is also stopping Africa Magic in signing the same deal? Let the spoils go the victor, we are all watching….

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