Airtel Is Gifting Double The Allowance On Android Data Plan


Airtel continue their relentless campaign efforts at customer acquisition . The telco is apparently giving out double the data allowance, on their Android data plan, to select subscribers in a promo tagged, “Airtel Data 1+1 offer”.

Essentially an extension of their existing Android-specific data plan, which actually cost more than we are led on to believe,  it will equally work on any internet-enabled device, not just Android. However, not every subscriber is eligible to receive double the data allowance. You can confirm your eligibility, by dialing the appropriate shortcodes or, if you receive and SMS about the offering. On sending the appropriate USSD/short-code, Airtel gives you 4GB of data for N2000 or 9GB for N3,500, both valid for 60 days.

Considering the new offer is yet to reflect on Airtel’s official website, I guess the next question to ask is – what’s the deal?

For all we care, Airtel could be billing subscribers at 2 or 3 times the actual data usage. Has anyone started using the Airtel 1+1 Data Plan yet? Please share your experience


  • Joseph Odina says:

    Does anybody still trust Airtel anymore?

  • ravenfin says:

    I have been using the Airtel Android package for 2 months now and i am really impressed, a few weeks ago they had some network issues due to system upgrade (their words) and since then the network has been superb, not as fast as Etisalat or MTN but on par in reliability.. I use Etisalat as well, their speeds are amazing but my GOD their data consumption rate is criminal..

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