Naming Your New Startup


What’s in a name? A lot. The name you decide to give your shiny new startup could make or mar your chances at success. Here’s some solid advice on how to choose an appropriate name for your startup.

For the love of SEO …


Can they hear it and spell it right?


Avoid misconstrued URLs



  • KISH says:

    Is this even a complete article? There’s no real value to this post guys!

  • Oluwaseyi says:

    Muyiwa, can you please write an article based on the Quora answers. I came across such a problem recently when my friends and I wanted to name our service and we hit a brick wall brainstorming names. I think this is a very important subject and it shouldn’t be treated like this. Thank you.

  • Uduak says:

    The no. 1 challenge to names is top domain availability. Domain squatters have made it terrible. My Topup project was supposed to be! Would have been the easiest name in the world. But it was locked down so I went with I believe domain availability affects everybody similarly.

  • Oluwajoba OKEDIJI says:

    Just last night i had to ask my wife after series of personal name search, googling and checking the availability of names that best fit a new agristartup…sounds strange? Lol. I was able come up with some best fit….24hours later, i was showing her the designs and d names i came up with she wasnt looking so impressed…to console myself i had to switch to my twitter app to see some trends….Guess what? I came across this that Muyiwa need to see:
    after reading through i was consoled and my next point of call was to visit techcabal, i saw this again as the latest post…i was so excited to click and open….
    Muyiwa, abeg, i guess you wanted to save as draft before you mistakenly clicked publish. Good morning!

  • Onyeka says:

    I love that I am not the only one who felt teased, just like seeing a pack of my darling hollandia in the fridge and only for it to be empty. Muyiwa, you may rewrite this some other time.

  • Dp Jaysiah Doherty says:

    Topic: Check, Unisghtful?: umm…

  • Sola F. says:

    I like this site for coming up with a name/domain —>

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