440NG-Backed Gingerbox Pivots To A Fresh Take On Fresh Fruit Deliveries


Organisations sign up to receive fresh fruit boxes. There are a number to choose from. Once the selection is made and confirmed, Gingerbox delivers. To corporates only — the startup isn’t delivering to individuals at this point in time.

Gingerbox’s focus on fruits for offices is actually as a result of learnings from the startup’s previous incarnation, which was known as Jaramall. Visitors to that site will see a note informing them of the change. In Gingerbox’s past life as Jaramall, the online store carried products across different categories, including household items, personal care and baby products. Over time, the site skewed significantly towards food.

On becoming one of the first cohort of 440NG accelerator funded ventures, the startup is officially pivoting and has reimagined itself as Gingerbox.

According to Kunle Jinadu, the founder, Gingerbox will eventually go beyond fruits for offices again, and increase its range of products and customer segments over time. This time, I presume the scaling will be data driven.

Speaking of scale, despite the brutally lean approach the startup has adopted, Gingerbox still finds itself having to do some things that don’t scale. While cash on delivery is pretty standard by now for ecommerce in Africa, grocery startups like Supermart pointedly refuse to support it, insisting instead on receiving payment upfront and electronically, because of the perishable nature of their goods. Gingerbox hasn’t quite settled on one model over the other, and at the moment interacts with each customer to come to a payment arrangement that is mutually convenient. It definitely helps that their customers right now are just corporates, and not individuals.

Asides the convenience of delivery, healthy eating is one of Gingerbox’s value propositions, and founder, Kunle says that even as the operation scales, Gingerbox’s focus will remain on health food only.


  • Samuel-Biyi 'laolu says:

    The only reason for serving corporates only should be because it lends more easily to subscription only.

    • Prince Oluwasegun Abisagbo says:

      nice point…i would also go the corporate way…fruit lunch boxes. it sells already

  • olammide says:

    Hmmmmm Gingerbox and fresh fruit delivery. Well they are trying to create a Niche hope it works out for them

  • Kola Lawal says:

    Nice work guys, my only problem with most startups backed by accelerators in Nigeria is the fact they fail to aggressively make the noise about their services, hoping that their investors backing is the only lifeline they will need. CEO’s should learn how to communicate and don’t be shy to hit the street and introduce your business to people.

    The truth is that you need CUSTOMERS in business to survive; knowing how to get as many as you wish gives you a better leverage.

  • Sola F. says:

    Gingerbox, – drop you preload icon, i’m sure it looks good for design but it is annoying. In fact drop all the animation, you are an ecommerce site that sells food not a web design corporate website. Also display the contents of the basket on the main page comparing each basket content.

    And please let us know when you are available for consumers. I am 100% interested.

  • Sola Akindolu says:

    I genuinely love the corporate side to the service. It will be nice to have companies offering fruits-at-work as perk. I am watching out for them Gingerbox. And yes, it is okay to drop all the fancy animations, I think.

  • Uduak says:

    Corporates only? Has got to do with optimizing delivery cost or QAQC? I suggest you put down a minimum transaction value.

  • Oluwajoba OKEDIJI says:

    Happy to have an agristartup here….just wondering if fruits in Lagos are truly “fresh”… Good concept. Just that the web load icon on your intro page looks annoying……. You can also partner with schools (private) to deliver fruits to their pupils/students, parents pay per term……#agricultureInNigeria

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