Stack Overflow and Nigeria’s Andela Partner to Provide Remote Education for Developers in Lagos


Andela, a talent accelerator, and Stack OverFlow, a website for professional programmers, have partnered to provide one-on-one mentorship for six Andela developers in Lagos, Nigeria over an eight-week period.

According to a post on Stack Overflow blog, the developers will meet, twice a week, via a video chat and cover courses such as pair programming, preparing for technical reviews and sharing career advice to the new developers.

“We chose Andela as a partner because of the amazing work they are doing training world-class developers in Africa. We have a shared commitment to remote work and providing access to tech education in underserved communities, and we are so excited to advance these goals together.” – Stack Overflow.

To get more information about the partnership, interested participants may send an email to and @jonhmchan

Photo Credit: three_sixteen via Compfight cc