Tuesday news roundup: Don Jazzy, on Finding his Voice on Twitter


It’s Tuesday 25th of August, 2015, and this is what has been going in African technology scene:

Have you heard Don Jazzy? I bet you’ve never heard him like this

Him sounding like a the CEO of an e-commerce chain and accentuating data-driven decisions. In this interview, Don Jazzy, the influential musician, producer and the CEO of Mavin records, talks about how he is using social media to engage the Nigerian music scene. He also shares his thoughts on digital music, the future of music in Nigeria, and how social media helped him find his voice.

Abraaj Raises $375 Million more for it’s private equity fund for North Africa

Abraaj has closed $375 million in a second round of funding for North Africa, bringing the total funds raised in Africa this year to 1.37 billion, after an initial 1 billion raise in April for SSA.

This vocational training center turned university is celebrating a part of its birthday

It’s been 10 years since the Harare Institute of Technology officially became a degree awarding institution. The school will host workshops showcasing various innovations from its different faculties in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

Liquid Telecom and MTN are being strategically hospitable

Both telecommunication companies have signed a partnership deal that will allow both companies leverage each other’s infrastructure across Africa, and bump up their footprints across Africa.

From free wi-fi to, maybe, a money spinning ISP clearing house

Alan Knott-Craig, founder of Project Isizwe that gives free wi-fi to underserved communities in South Africa is launching wireless ISP, HeroTel, that will consolidate the WISP industry in order to provide a single national wireless broadband provider. One WISP to rule them all!

Remit Africa Conference is coming to Nigeria this year

Remit Africa is the conference on intercontinental remittances. This year, the conference will hold in Africa with the  theme for this year is ‘Enabling Low Cost Remittances in Africa’.

International Breweries-funded Kickstart opens in Nigeria

Kickstart, an entrepreneurial programme that mentors and funds youth owned businesses in Africa has opened in Nigeria. The programme has been executed already in South Africa, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Swaziland.

Featured on TechCabal:

You live in the US and you love your home-cooked African fare? It’s not Uhuru for you yet

Meet Deeskus. Ignore how your brain is telling you this is the name of a Disqus riff off. It’s an American e-commerce website for African foods; tubers of Yam, the “original” Titus, Milo, Geisha, just as we see them in Africa and more. This is an African dream come true.   

Don’t miss:

MTN, Microsoft cosy up for cloud services

MTN Business and Microsoft have entered into a partnership to provide pan-African cloud computing services from the telecommunications operator’s data centres. Another layer to MTN’s shield for the oncoming onslaught of OTT services trying to kill it’s core voice services.