Why you absolutely need to get a Gionee S Plus


Let’s be honest, most smart phones we see these days are mere copycats of existing ones. It is almost impossible to find a smart phone with truly distinctive features, which is why the GIONEE S PLUS should quickly, catch your attention.

The GIONEE S PLUS will attract you from a distance with its magnetic pull of well-crafted designs that inspires a feeling of elegance and style because it was designed to imitate nature rather than imitating other smart phones.

This can be seen by the obvious amount of time spent refining the technological device to have the liquid and natural appeal it has. When you hold the phone in your hands you would definitely get the feeling that you’re holding a piece of art with the extreme metallic texture of the S PLUS, its curves and lightweight.

The phone comes in stylish gold for the flashy and flamboyant as well as in Ink Blue for the conservative and business like. The colors are then given the sleek and elegant look with a glossy body finish.


An unusual feature you can find on the GIONEE S PLUS smart phone’s body is the Type-C USB, which is bi-directional, faster and easier to use.  The screen has a 5.5 AMOLED immersive display with a smooth, sharp and highly realistic resolution. The phone speaker is equipped with a 3D DTS sound system and comes with a Hi- Fi headset.

Lastly the GIONEE S PLUS is endowed with a lock screen technology unlike the usual and basic pattern and digit passwords you find on most smart phone lock screens, the S PLUS uses a face unlock system that is safer, easier and more fun oriented than any other lock screen technology. This further proves that this phone is truly detailed to perfection.

This device is definitely one that will make you feel and look good any day anytime.