This Nigerian student built a solar-powered tricycle for his final year project


A young Nigerian engineering student, Ekomobong Finbarr has built a solar powered keke. Yes, a solar-powered tricycle.

Ekomobong, an undergraduate student of Electrical/Electronics Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, built the tricycle for his final year project. The tricycle boasts of no engine and is outfitted with battery and solar panels arranged on the roof. According to his elder brother, Aniekeme, the tricycle can travel up to 11km without needing a recharge.

Aniekeme took to Facebook to share the good news and it caught the attention of Oo Nwoye who then decided to share the news with Kola Aina, CEO of Abuja-based incubator and co-working space, Ventures Platform.

Nigerian Internet Service Provider, MainOne found Ekomobong’s twitter account and all but offered him a job.

But Oo is not having any of that, replying that, “This innovator is not working for anybody.”

The internet is a beautiful place. And contrary to what your twitter timeline tells you, it’s never “just twitter.” Here’s hoping something great comes out of this.