Legend has partnered with Brains & Hammers to provide fibre-optic connectivity to 3,000 homes in Abuja

Abuja-based content (TV, internet, and voice services) provider, Legend, has just signed a partnership deal with real estate developer, Brains & Hammers, to deploy Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to over 3,000 of their homes in Abuja.

Legend, launched in 2014, is a product of Suburban FibreCo and it takes more than a few words to accurately explain the Legend experience. They provide direct fibre connection to individual locations so that customers can access content, fibre-optic internet connectivity and voice calls.

But that’s not all. Legend also provides home automation and security services in addition to powering Wi-Fi hotspots around Abuja. Little wonder they were described as what would happen if Netflix became your internet service, voice call, and smart home security provider. That’s Legend.

Brains and Hammers, on the other hand, is one of the most popular real estate development companies in Abuja. They deliver functional buildings, either in estates or individual buildings, all around the capital city.

Both companies have now partnered to ensure that any Brains and Hammers home would have direct fibre connectivity courtesy of Legend. Residents of the over 3,000 homes that will receive the deployment will be able to control Wi-Fi and internet enabled appliances like security cameras, ACs, and lights remotely, they get to play music over their Wi-Fi across different rooms and generally enjoy the ultrafast Legend internet connectivity. And ultrafast really means ultrafast, I used it for a short while when I lived in Abuja.

Legend says that this deployment will be the largest FTTH rollout in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gabriel Gab-Umoden, CMO of Suburban FiberCo says: “We have successfully rolled out our services to thousands of homes and satisfied customers, and we are eager to deliver true broadband to more Nigerian homes at such a large scale.”

The deployment began in October 2016 and will be rolled out in all Brains and Hammers estates across the Abuja metropolis. They hope that fiber-optic connectivity will become part of the blueprint for estate developments in the country going forward.