Skip The Noisy Generators, You Can Now Have Uninterrupted Power With An Mtn Sim

Yes you read that right, this is not a ruse. When it comes to electricity in Nigeria there are 3 bosses we all rely on but there is a new boss in town and it is the most affordable, safe and convenient yet! First, let’s run through the current bosses.

Boss 1 – The Almighty PHCN

No matter what class of the socio-economic class you belong to, everyone secretly has a victory dance or sigh of relief when PHCN brings the light. We scramble to do everything we need power to do, charge and recharge all the rechargeable gadgets and say a silent prayer that the power lasts longer this time.

Boss 2- The Generator

You have to admit, you have felt like a boss one time or the other when everyone is miserable about the epileptic power supply but you can’t be bothered because you decided to run the generator all day and night. But we all know how that hurts your pocket.

Boss 3- The Inverter
This came in as a life saver and we admit it has its perks but we can’t help but wonder how safe living with about 6 lead-acid batteries really is. Not to mention the cost of buying one inverter battery versus a medium sized generator.



To further demonstrate its commitment to making the lives of subscribers a whole lot brighter through innovative technological solutions MTN Nigeria in partnership with Lumos, has launched an affordable alternative electricity solution called Mobile Electricity Service.

What is MTN-Lumos Mobile Electricity?

The Mobile Electricity Service is an MTN SIM-enabled solar-based system which can help Nigerians enjoy accessible, noise-free and fume-free electricity for everyday use and conveniently pay with airtime from a MTN mobile phone. The mobile electricity device which comes with a 5 year warranty, can light up bulbs and power appliances like fans, televisions, cell phones and computers.

How It Works

The MTN-Lumos solar solution uses a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit that allows customers to access significant amounts of power on demand day or night. The service is provided on a lease-to-own basis and the cost is spread over a five-year term, payable in affordable instalments via mobile phones with MTN SIMs. Customers receive a full product repair service during the lease period providing peace of mind and quality assurance.

Existing users include small businesses, residential users, small businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, community buildings among others.