Let’s Talk about Security Threats at the Oracle Security Summit 2017 happening in Lagos this April

Today, we rely on information and social technologies to research, communicate, make decisions and improve on existing infrastructures in the workplace. The reliance on these technologies does make life easier, but also make existing infrastructures susceptible to threats.

The common threats organisations face today include intellectual property theft, social media attacks, content and data privacy, mobile malware and many others. Organisations must, therefore, take a proactive approach and implement an effective information security system to protect its employee and customers who entrust them with their data.

On April 25th at the Oracle Security Summit, top security experts and consultants will discuss:

  • The role of technology in averting major security attacks
  • Data explosion: implication on personal data
  • How cyber insecurity can impact Africa
  • Are we exposed to mobile technologies and internet of things?
  • How trends, market disruptions are a threat to the way businesses
  • Africa use cases/case studies

You should attend this event if you are a C-Suite exec, IT consultant or interested in combating information security threats.

Learn more about the event speakers and sign up here. Admission is free.