Accounting startup, ikOOba BMAC, has launched in Nigeria

ikOOba Technologies, a business solution startup in Nigeria has launched its new cloud accounting software – the ikOOba BMAC. Launched in October 2016, the BMAC was designed for business owners and their managers to support them to keep a close eye on their business whilst simultaneously having real-time information about how well the business is doing.

The platform also incorporates the ability for providers of finance to monitor in real-time the performance of a business in their funding portfolios. This increases the credibility of the business owners and the confidence reposed in them by finance providers. The platform creates value for business owners by making them attractive to obtain finance from finance providers.

Built to use cloud technology, business owners and managers can view their business performance from any location at any time. ikOOba aims to simplify the process of capturing, storing, retrieving and using business data so that business owners can focus on doing business better. The software also allows business owners connect with qualified accountants if they need help putting their records in order. All that is required is for the business owner to provide access to the accountant, further solidifying its strength as a value adding collaborative platform.

Founder, Sam S. Afemikhe, a Chartered Accountant, Business, Transparency and Value for Money strategist, says the software provides business financers, trade promoters and business owners up-to- date access to the financial data of businesses in an easy-to- understand format –through its web or mobile app platforms.

Unlike other accounting software, ikOOba BMAC boasts of additional innovative features such as the Notebook, the Dashboard and the Collaborator Tool.

Sam further emphasised that it is a proven fact that when a business embraces technology in the management of its affairs, it would experience growth and profitability. ikOOba BMAC and other ikOOba solutions make it easier for business owners to get data about their business performance quickly without breaking the bank. The Notebook, designed in semblance to the historically foundational Daybooks, makes it extremely convenient for business owners to record daily transactions seamlessly, directly on a computer or through its ikOOba BMAC Mobile App. The Dashboard gives a picture of business performance and monitoring and provides an early warning for business performance using a RAG gauges and bar charts. The best of all its features is the Collaborator Tool, which allows collaboration between business owners and their accountants, thus accountants can work remotely on the books of their clients, their business or give business advisory from anywhere in the world.

ikOOba Technologies also provides value added services to SMEs in the form of capacity building, accounting consulting services, funding gap analysis, and financial literacy, management of business operations, personal productivity, and business development services. The startup is also home to an Inventory Management system, Document Management system and a Human Resource system, all integrated into ikOOba BMAC.

The uptake on the BMAC has been speedy and future partnerships with banks in Nigeria underway.