How FlexiSAF is Transforming Education

Welcome to the future of education.

The education technology market is growing rapidly and expected to hit $252 billion globally by 2020, according to a 2017 Kahoot! EdTrends Report.

Techcrunch described Edtech as the new fintech. This is because, similar to the recent growth of financial technology, the use of digital education tools is becoming a fast rising application of technology.

Amidst the growing list of edtech companies set up to disrupt the traditional way of doing things in schools is FlexiSAF; a Nigerian startup with a large vision for the future of African education. The company’s vision is to improve the quality of education in Africa at affordable cost using ICT and to create a sustainable business.

FlexiSAF is making a good start towards that goal. They are the creators of SAFSMS, a fully integrated school management software. SAFSMS is currently being used in over 400 schools to cut down the complexity of management. FlexiSAF’s target is to get 10,000 schools on-board in the next 10 years.

They are also the makers of, an e-testing platform and online admissions portal, among several other solutions for nursery to tertiary institutions.

One unique thing about the startup is the sheer focus and passion for impacting education. Each member of its engineering team shares these 3 core values: Be Bold, Move Fast and Create Stuff, Focus on the User.

Currently, with over 50 employees and 5 offices across the country, FlexiSAF is gradually expanding its impact in the education sector and school life. One of their side projects, is focused on teaching kids of all ages to code.

“Personalized learning is the future of accessible, affordable and high-quality education to everyone and software has a very important role to play in that regards. How to provide a localized experience in that space is our ultimate goal in FlexiSAF” explains the CEO, Faiz Bashir.

As the CEO, he is focused on growing the company, establishing FlexiSAF’s great work culture and their role in the growing edtech sphere.

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