Stream easy with CloudCover

No one likes it when network downtime freezes the Internet and disrupts our entertainment. We want
to stream and send videos, as well as enjoy video calls without any interruptions whatsoever.

Well, guess what? It’s all possible with CloudCover!

You can easily stay connected, download and send videos and surf conveniently with CloudCover’s CC1MiFi device.

The CC1 is a revolutionary internet MiFi device that makes use of virtual sim technology to deliver stable and high quality Internet access to users all over Nigeria and in more than 100 countries around the world. It takes advantage of multiple service providers within its range, switching seamlessly between them to ensure constant connectivity for its users.

Wherever you find yourself, you can be rest assured that the CC1 will hook you up to the best and strongest network in that location. The MiFi automatically switches networks so that you can continue to enjoy your downloads, streaming, picture and video uploads.

With the CC1, you won’t be left hanging as the coverage of 7 network providers in Nigeria and over 100 network providers across the world are at your disposal in one small device! Explore the Web with confidence; log on to and begin to enjoy constant connectivity.