The ability to comment anonymously, on TC and elsewhere (you anonymous web-heads, you) seems like a big deal for some people. I don’t pretend to understand it, but their wish has been granted. Readers now have the ability to post their comments as guests.

I think it’s worth mentioning that till now, I haven’t observed any troll activity on TC. So far we’ve been keeping it classy, intellectual. And that makes me think all the more highly of the frightfully smart people that come here. We’re having really stimulating discussions that will educate posterity, and if that is all we accomplish, this won’t have been a waste of our time.

Even so, we’re here for so much more. TechCabal isn’t going to be just the watercooler for techies to come vent and things. In time, TC will evolve an adhesive quality that gets the fragmented aspects of our ecosystem to come together, online and offline. You’ll see.

Open and honest conversations are a critical part of that equation. So going forward, I’m hoping that people will be more forthcoming, less economic with their opinions about important issues. But even with anonymous comments enabled, I hope people will see that there is more value in being able put a face to an opinion or idea…even if I can’t quite explain it right now.

Thank you all, frightfully smart, opinionated, jaded, and on some days slightly crazy people that come here. Thanks for making TC awesome.

PS: we’re using Disqus comments for our peace of mind, and you’ll find the guest option there. Use the “pick a name” option and check the guest box. Cheers.

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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