If the feedback I’ve gotten so far about the TechCabal v2.0 are any indication, then we must be doing right by most of you, as far as the aesthetic and experience go. Thanks a lot.

Figuring out an experience that’s headed in the general direction of where we’re going wasn’t exactly easy. But compared to what we must do next, all of that is going to be a pack of Maryland cookies. Now comes the harder part — figuring out how to keep good content coming out, consistently.

I have a good idea how. But as always, execution is the killer app. That’s why I’m looking for interns — young people who want to be part of a disruptive movement in technology media, across Africa. Technology blogging is a good place as any to start a media career, if not one of the best these days, and it will not be boring. I can promise that much.

TechCabal also needs a senior editor — someone who can write circles around our best cabalists, is product driven and is interested in media for the longterm. I am not permitted to say much at this point in time — just that you will be in the good company of some either really crazy or really prophetic individuals (or both). Should you be that person, let’s see if we can’t make it worth your while.

We care not if you live on Mount Myoboku. If you can write, have a laptop and a decent internet connection, please get in touch. Also much obliged if you would pass this on to any potential takers.

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