TechCabal has come a long way from its official launch in April of 2013. Yes, TechCabal is barely over 8 months old, yet we made Nigeria’s top 100 websites of 2013.

We have published over 280 posts from 43 distinct authors and amassed over 180k unique page views. We’ve also managed to keep our readers engaged, as evident in the over 1,800 posted comments; our report on Fonenode’s new call button feature being the most engaging.

In short, it’s been a wonderful launch-year, if we do say so ourselves. Of course, you guys had a major role to play in this. For what use is quality content if there’s no one to read it?

We thought it’d be a nice idea to countdown the most popular TechCabal posts from 2013 – from the 10th most popular, all the way up to the top post – as voted by you our readers (in page views). Here they are:

10. How Fast Is Swift’s New 4G LTE? 700 Percent Faster Than Average Networks

The initial speedtest results were amazing but, like Bankole,  everyone was curious as to how Swift’s LTE network would fare in the mainstream.

9. BBM On iPhone And Android: Could this be BlackBerry’s Waterloo?

Olawale Sanni gave us his insights into how BBM going multi-platform could possibly make-or-break Blackberry’s future.

8. An Appeal For True Capitalism – My Startup Story

The Nigerian Tech space was abuzz with news of bus-ticketing startup, Tiketmobile’s premature demise. We featured Tiketmobile founder, Celestine Ezeokoye’s side of the story.

7. Etisalat Subscriber? Now You Can Share Your Data Plan Across Multiple Devices

Etisalat being late to the share-your-data-plan party didn’t seem to deteriorate  consumer interest amongst our readers.

6. Why Tecno Is Winning

Everyone seemed to agree with Dikachim Nwankwo’s 7 reasons why the “Chinko” Tecno brand has come to stay.

5. RoyalAmebo Unmasked: Sexts, Lies and DMs

Who wouldn’t want to know the true identity of RoyalAmebo ?

4. Is It Wrong To Want A QWERTY Device In 2013?

Apparently not. Probably still won’t be wrong to want QWERTY in 2014.

3. How RoyalAmebo Catfished Twitter

Seyi Taylor did a breakdown of the whole RoyalAmeo saga – how it played out and those involved –  and we loved it.

2. Don’t Get Too Excited About iOS 7 Activation Lock

Olawale Sanni shared why he believed iOS 7’S new activation lock feature was not as big a deal as it was made out to be

1. Nokia Lumia 520 – The Good, The Bad, And The Tolerable

The Nokia Lumia 520 was easily one of the top budget phones of 2013. Bankole’s unconventional, but apparently striking, approach to gadget reviews was every reason why this post took the top spot. Apparently, our readers love their gadgets a great deal; this one post accounted for over 30% of TechCabal traffic in 2013.

We hope you had as much fun reading, and engaging with, our content as we had creating. We don’t intend to throttle down on producing kickass content in the coming year. Happy New year 2014 from TechCabal.

Photo Credit: Cwluc via Compfight cc

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