Managing customer data an relations can often be a nightmare, especially for smaller and medium scale businesses where there is no defined structure. MyWorkSet looks to address this by helping users gather all existing and prospective customer records from different sources – email contacts, Excel sheets, mobile phones, business website – and sorting them into intelligent categories and subcategories.

With MyWorkSet, following up on customer activity is easier. MyWorkSet provides styled messaging system that enables you easily target specific contact groups. You can highlight, follow, drop notes and setup actions or appointment on any customer. This ensures you are always in the loop. You can also follow up on staff activities anytime and create actions and reminders for them too. There’s also a task follow up tool so you can hold your team member accountable to their deliverables. You can create tasks for self (Personal task), branch, department or for your entire team. Reminders are sent on task set off and due dates and discussions on each task are sent to you instantly, daily or weekly based on your preference. You can view perfomance and completion rates on MyWorkSet.

MyWorkSet was created by Ogugua Belonwu (Founder/Developer) and Ebele Belonwu (Business Development), and is a product of their web and mobile development outfit – Best Value Providers.

You can checkout MyWorkSet’s pricing plans to decide if you would be interested in signing up 

Photo Credit: Dave Seah via Compfight cc

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