Acadar is an e-learning platform that sources high-quality lesson notes, exam lessons, questions and solutions, books and assessment tests drawn up in line with the National curriculum, from teachers and content partners.


Acadar publishes these resources on their platform, from where it can be consumed via different media and devices: web, mobile, and computers. Each lesson is followed by interactive games, assessment tests, and live brainstorms. The startup claims to have covered most of the examinations taken in Nigeria ranging from the Common Entrance to, JAMB/WAEC to ICAN, Law, and Medical Exams, as well as featuring over 5 million Math problems and solutions covering the entire primary school curriculum in Nigeria.

Acadar Innovations Limited, which is headed by CEO, Stan Onyime, says that the company is a young one and would need seed capital to be established. No marketing or awareness has been raised so far.


In the meantime, the startup is currently working with overseas partners to bring foreign content to the reach of African kids, and the Acadar book-reader is currently undergoing in-house testing and will bring Nigerian books to all our supported platforms.

Acadar will be going up against companies like Brainfriend, Efiko, Okadabooks, Ipa Imo, ExamMate and others already exploring the e-learning niche.


Photocredit: Online Learning Insight

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