If you’ve been looking to get the Blackberry Z10 , there is no better time to do so than now. The Z10 is about to go out of stock for good and prices are bound to go up.

Yesterday at the Blackberry Z3 launch event in Lagos, it was revealed that the Blackberry Z3 is intended to be a replacement for the Blackberry Z10, as the later will be phased out of the market.

The phasing out appears to have begun. In fact, if you walked into some stores today, or checked online with your favourite eCommerce platforms, chances are you will be informed that the Blackberry Z10 is currently out of stock. According to an insider source, this is untrue. Rather, mobile phone vendors have chosen to create artificial scarcity in anticipation of the fact that Blackberry will soon stop shipping more batches of the Blackberry Z10’s to Nigeria.

If you’ve been following the Blackberry Z10 progress for the past couple of months, you’d know how consistently its price has been dropping. It’s about to rise again. The artificial scarcity could lead to Blackberry Z10 prices climbing from the current N32,000 price tag (last time we checked) to as much N45,000.

We believe now that the multiple price slashes the Blackberry Z10 has seen so far were probably a strategy to catalyse stock depletion and make way for its replacement in the Blackberry Z3.

Has anyone been able to find and purchase the Blackberry Z10 for ~30k in the past week or so? Please let us know in the comments section. 

Photo Credit: Morid1n via Compfight cc

Muyiwa Matuluko | Author

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