These guys have hit their funding target.

We wrote in January about Kola Tubosun, the Nigerian linguist and Fulbright scholar who had then created an Indiegogo campaign for his work on a wiki-type online dictionary of Yoruba names.

Kola and his team have hit their funding target, TechCabal has learnt.

“We met our $5,000 goal about an hour ago,” Kola announced on the Indiegogo campaign page. “So here is thanking you for being a part of it.”

The funding benchmark at $5, 000 was achieved 26 hours before the campaign deadline, closing with a 2% extra funding to rack up a total of $5, 150.

Kola says the coming days will be expended in sending “perks” to those who have asked to receive them based on their class of contribution to the project.

A Techcabal report from earlier in the year says that, the resulting dictionary that Kola envisions will have search capability, display etymology, morphology and phonology, audio pronunciations and alternative spellings. This looks like a project that will clearly put the team through its paces. We are curious as to when work will begin on the actual project. We have reached out to Kola and will update accordingly.

The resulting dictionary, Kola says, will be available at and (which wasn’t live at the time of this post). Currently, the landing page allows you enter your name (Yoruba name obviously), so it could “be among the first documented ones in the dictionary.”

Kola Tubosun is part of team currently behind translating the micro-blogging platform, Twitter into Yoruba language.

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