Genii Games has released a new iteration of its language learning application, Yoruba 101.

Yoruba 101 teaches Yoruba, a language spoken by about 27 million people in South-Western Nigeria and parts of Benin, Togo and in parts of the Caribbean.

The updated app, which is dubbed the “Legend Edition”, requires that the user learn a number of topics and go through the games attached to each lesson in order to unlock various Yoruba deities; including Sango, Oduduwa, Moremi and the likes, at the end of each game.


A user gets crowned as a “Yoruba101 Legend”, upon the successful completion of all tasks.

According to the developers, “Yoruba101 2.0 was driven by feedback received from users for the previous version. Specifically, some parents informed us that their kids weren’t keen on learning the lessons the way we’d presented them. Other feedback included addition of more topics taken through a survey last year.”

Yoruba101 was released by Genii Games’ Asa brand of African culture teaching apps and it is targeted at kids in order to promote the African culture among them through mobile technology. The updated version is available on both the Play store and the App Store for $0.99.


Genii Games’s cultural propelling project, Asa, was founded in 2012 and scored the $25,000 cash prize at the 2013 Etisalat African Prize for Innovation in Cape-Town, South-Africa.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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