Microsoft Inc. has initiated a project to connect rural residents in Nanyuki, Kenya, with low cost wireless internet service, according to a report by IT News Africa.

The project aims to enable Kenyans, within Nanyuki, a market town in Laikipia County, access the internet as well as stream content, while connected to the service.

The project is targeted at delivering affordable internet service and connectivity to central Kenya, thereby providing internet service to underserved regions of the country.

Microsoft told IT News Africa that, “The Internet service is made possible by utilizing TV White Spaces, the unused portions of wireless spectrum in the frequency bands used for television broadcasting.”

So far, the project has dished out 15 Wi-Fi hotspots to several areas including Nanyuki, Matanya shopping centre, Burguret Dispensary, Male Primary school and Laikipia District Community Library, the report says.

Photo Credit: MarcelaPalma via Compfight cc

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