Finland-based smartphone maker and developer of open mobile operating system; Sailfish OS, Jolla has announced that it will be developing an African ecosystem for its Sailfish OS.

The finnish company announced the OS last month and rolled it out first in Russia.

The mobile ecosystem the company is calling Sailfish Africa, will begin in South Africa before extending to other African countries. Jolla will be collaborating with Sello Rathete, one of the co-founders of South-African telecommunications company, Cell-C in order to develop the project.

“The main objective for Sailfish Africa is to gather a group of African investors to develop an independent Sailfish OS based mobile ecosystem for Africa,” the media release reads. “Jolla’s plan is to offer African internet powerhouses a Sailfish OS based platform to which they can effectively integrate their local services and solutions.”

This Sailfish OS initiative is not limited to Africa, as Jolla is planning to also develop the OS in Brazil, India and China.

Image Credit: CapeTown via Wikipedia Cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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