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Hojah is a mobile app that allows users buy any kind of food item from stores in their immediate location, about 2 km out, and have it delivered to where they are. Every kind of food item ranging from raw drumsticks to, pounded yam from nearby mama put, to light dessert and a bottle of Coke.

That, at least, is the general idea from what the developers told TechCabal in their pitch. The app launched in Ilorin, Nigeria’s North-central, earlier this month and its services are currently limited to the city.

Hojah is designed by the the Ilorin-based software company, ITvessel.

Using the app, a user can buy any food item, from anywhere around them, so long said food item is listed on the network. The proposition lies in the app interfacing between street and corner stores wherefore users can make purchases right from their phones and have it delivered to their houses or anywhere else they might be. It gives shopping a certain hyper-local vibe to it.

I like that you can actually get raw food here, it’s somehow like Blue Apron. The developers tell us that the order fulfil time is 10 minutes or less, which makes sense because stores are expected to sell within a 2-kilometer radius of the delivery point.

Using Google Maps API, Hojah allows users buy from the merchants closest to them. Hojah’s inventory feature, allows sellers track sales and generate periodic sales report.

The company COO, Dare Adebayo tells TechCabal the plan is to extend the platform’s services to 12 more states including Lagos by late July. “Our plan is to be in the FCT and 11 other states in  Nigeria [by] July 19, 2015.”

The app is currently available on Android OS.

Gbenga Onalaja | Author

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