Members of the Tech Community of Buea, known as Silicon Mountain, recently held the first Silicon Mountain Conference at Eta Palace Hotel, Buea Cameroon.

The conference, which was themed “Let’s Build Products”, had in attendance key players in Buea’s ecosystem.

The conference had three keynote speakers in person of: Churchill Mambe, a pioneer member of the community, who narrated the history of Silicon Mountain; Isaac Kamga, the leader of GDG Cameroon; who spoke on the importance of a community spirit; and Otto Akama, the Community Development Specialist of ActivSpaces Cameroon, whose speech covered the importance of building scalable products that becomes the foundation of successful startup and in turn sustains the ecosystem.

The conference also featured the launch of products and projects by some members of community. Some of the projects include: Buea Institute of Technology (; Startup Internships by ActivSpaces; Buea programming language Lessons / Meetups by GDG Buea and ActivSpaces; Skademy, a peer to peer tutoring listing platform focused on learning programming languages; Feem, a peer ­to ­peer local network chat and file transfer product and many others.

One other highlight from the event was the launch of Made in Buea, a Community website set up to showcase projects and people from the Silicon Mountain Community.

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Lulu Fadoju Author

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