The Digital Academy has been launched in Johannesburg with the support of Barclays Africa Group.

Disrupt Africa reports that the academy is a one year internship program for software developers. During this period, the interns are expected to create commercially viable products for the bank.

“[Digital Academy] recruits motivated young people with a raw talent for web and software development, and teaches them practical StreetDev; in other words, the hands-on skill that is severely needed in the real web development world,” Gary Bannatyne, the Managing Director at the Digital Academy said.

The academy will take in four batches of 30 apprentices each year. The core training program will run for three months, after which the interns will either be recruited by the academy, by Barclays or will be supported as entrepreneurs.

Photo Credit: Ivan David Gomez Arce Via Flickr Cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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