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Silicon Cape, a regional ICT networking firm, and organizers of the #PitchVinny event has selected four startups to pitch at the event for a chance to win $4000 from Vinny Lingham.

The four startups selected to pitch are HOWXIT, Cloudlife, Mintor and SquirrelThat, Disrupt Africa reports.

The #PitchVinny event was organised by Silicon Cape to give startups a chance to pitch before angel investor Vinny Lingham including the opportunity of winning $4000.   

“One or all of these startups could walk away with R50,000 ($4000),” Silicon Cape said in a blog post, “They will have the opportunity to pitch and get feedback from Vinny Lingham who is one of South Africa’s most popular technology entrepreneurs.”

Cloudlife, founded by Jack O’ Reilly, is a marketplace for booking professional services; GoMintor by Leanne Viviers, is a freelance platform that enables small businesses and students help each other; Rowland Mwale’s HOWIT is a mobile app for real time communication and SquirrelThat, a learning app was developed by Willie Maitz.

Vinny Lingham is a co-founder of the Silicon Initiative and a member of Endeavour and the Forum of Young Global Leaders. The event can be monitored by following @siliconcape using the hashtag #PitchVinny.

Credit: Via oscarwastillo

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