Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana are the four Southern African countries that announced today, their plans to reduce bi-lateral roaming charges among themselves. The plan was led by  the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia(CRAN).

In Nigeria, another Ecommerce website, Webmall, reacts to Konga’s Mercury by announcing its own logistics management system. Both companies are still working on the product. This is starting to look like a race to the market.

Here are more stories that made the rounds across Africa today:

Wumdrop is MTN South Africa’s app of the year

WumDrop has emerged winner of the 4th MTN Business App of the year challenge, winning the US$15,570 top prize.

Webmall launches its own logistics management system, Saddle

Nigerian eCommerce website, WebMall announces plans to launch a logistics management app called Saddle.

GDG Port Harcourt began its UX masterclass today

The event will wind down tomorrow.

Next week on Radar

TechCabal will host  Access Bank Radar to discuss Payment solutions and technology. And you can all get close and personal with their new contactless payment infrastructure, PayWithCapture.

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There is a tech community in Nigeria’s oil rich Niger Delta and this is how they currently fair

In a place like the Niger Delta where oil is the mainstay and the youth population have been known to be perpetually restive, the tech eco-system is barely thriving. There is more.

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BRCK Education and Kenyatta University partner up to produce tablets

Last week, BRCK launched an education division, BRCK Education and the company has just followed through with a joint venture with Kenya’s Kenyatta University to begin making education tablets.

A BitX and Zazoo partnership now allows payments via mobile virtual cards

Bitcoin exchange platform BitX, has signed a deal with ZAZOO, allow Bitcoin user to pay using mobile virtual cards instead of bitcoins.

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