Yes, a lot of us could do with more time away from our phones. But we have apps that keep pulling us in. The Don Corleone of them all is a little game called Candy Crush. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Here are 10 signs you really need to uninstall that game (before it’s too late).

1. You know the “Infinite lives” trick


2. When you meet anyone who’s hit the 300+ levels

Good morning ma

3. How you react every time someone interrupts you


4. What you really feel like doing to them


5. You’re now convinced Candy Crush is the perfect time management app


“The trick is to cram your activities into 25 minute bursts”

6. When you’re out of lives


7. Religious or not, you’ve been doing this on the regular

...and let me finish level X today

…and let me finish level X today

8. When you finally conquer level X


Bow down, Bitches!

9. And then realise no one cares


10. When you can hear the soundtrack in your sleep


11. Finally, after some soul searching, you decide to quit the game:11698573_10153392478030390_1538156507161876916_n

Might as well just die now


Photo Credit: Business Insider, Sligotoday, bensanity, whatthefeckinfeck, Replygif, Gifsec, Businessmantotherescue, Elitedaily, Tumblr, AfricaGag

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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