The target audience for LinkedIn has always been professionals, or at least those already in the job market. The platform is typically used for networking in the job sphere and has helped a lot of people reach out to others and get jobs. Now, LinkedIn is branching out to include the student populace because obviously they need help being inducted into the job market.

Launching later today in the US, the new app, LinkedIn Students, will offer assistance to students in the form of career suggestions based on their academic fields of study. Not many students know the entire career opportunities that exist in their fields and this is where LinkedIn Students comes in. So if you’re a Library and Information Sciences major, you get suggestions such as data management for a school or even a corporation.

The app also connects students to alumni in their fields for advice or mentorship. This will give students firsthand information on trends and developments in their fields, which is great because advice is something fresh graduates really need. For now, the app will only be available in the US, but there are plans for international release to occur later in the year. LinkedIn Students will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Any app worth its salt knows to integrate millenials (I hate that word) in its operations. They are the future in this ever-changing technology clime and getting them interested in any app ensures longevity for that app. It’s no news that LinkedIn has suffered a few setbacks in terms of user participation and company stocks. The company even had to make a few cuts to their offered services.

LinkedIn sucking up to young college grads may be just what it needs to boost its relevance, but I wonder if they shouldn’t focus on improving the experience of already existing users. I like that they are including the coming generation but I’m not sure they won’t face the same problems they were having. Let’s see how this goes.

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