You probably came here after reading this post. For those of you who didn’t…Remix Mini users will no longer have access to Google Play Services after installing the latest update. Some apps on Google’s Play Store didn’t translate perfectly from mobile to desktop, and Jide Technology has removed Google Mobile Services from their Remix Mini PCs while they work on creating a seamless user experience.

Remix Mini complete set up

In the same vein, the people who installed Remix OS on their PCs don’t have Play Store installed by default either. Typically, when device manufacturers want to bundle Play Store with their devices, they ship their prototypes to Google for intensive compatibility testing. Remix OS runs on an infinite number of PCs so that’s sort of out of the question. But because you cannot let a small thing like Google get in the way of your Play Store greatness, here’s the shortest guide you’ll find on the internet, to installing Google Mobile Services yourself:

1. Download GMSActivator.apk

2. Click on the file to install it.

3. Open the app and select “Install Google Services”

4. Reboot Remix OS

5. Thank me later

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