Barely a week after Whatsapp launched its desktop app, there have been reports that the IM giant is testing its video call feature. This feature has been made available to beta users both on iOS and on android.

According to screenshots, instead of immediately initiating an audio call when the call icon is tapped, two options will pop up.

Source: www.deccanchronicle.com

Source: www.deccanchronicle.com

We’ve been expecting this feature from as far back as last year, when rumours were circulating following the release of audio calls. By adding video calling to its list of features, Whatsapp will be competing with Skype.

With over one billion users, it comes as no surprise as to why Whatsapp would want to be as efficient as possible. So far this year, the Facebook-owned app has enabled end-to-end encryption, released a desktop app, and enabled users share documents on the app. 

Whatsapp’s video call feature is still at the beta phase so I’m guessing the official release will be coming with the next update.

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