Hurrah. Non-technical founders can finally stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. You see, because I spend my days writing about consumer tech in Africa, I have to field a bunch of enquiries from people looking for good Nigerian developers. Happens all the time. To help bridge this gap, Devcenter has built a marketplace for clients looking for Nigerian software developers, and vice versa. It’s called Devcenter Jobs, and it went live on June 17.


When you first visit the site, you’ll see it divided into two sections – Start A Project and Post A Job. If you pick the latter, you’ll be required to fill in details like job role, job description, the skills needed, job type, and your budget for your project. former is for clients who don’t have the experience or time to manage a software team. In this case, they are hiring Devcenter as a cohesive unit to deliver the project so they can focus on the business side of things.

Post a job

Post A Job

Start a project, for those who don't want to deal directly with developers

Start A Project, for those who don’t want to deal directly with developers

After potential clients have listed their jobs/projects, developers who are registered on Devcenter can see all of them in a scannable feed and apply for the ones that look interesting. Devcenter will oversee all client-developer transactions (including invoicing and payments), so the developer will only get paid for work that’s properly done. In the same vein, they’ll take a percentage of the transaction fee and to give a sense of the expected quality, all the developers on the platform will be ranked by both their peers and the clients they’ve worked with.

“Through the years, we’ve gotten hundreds of developer requests within the community” said Devcenter co-founder, Akin Falomo. “There are only so many requests we can manually fulfil. We decided to create Devcenter Jobs to scale this process. Nigerian developers are at par with the rest of the world. It’s time to get these jobs.”


In case you’re wondering, I think it’s pretty neat. If nothing else, it makes my life easier, the lives of clients hoping to stumble on a good developer by churning out tweets and Twitter DMs, and the lives of burgeoning developers, looking for projects to cut their teeth with. If nothing else.

So…devs, head over to, register for an account and you know…get these jobs.

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