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Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been roaming around Yaba in the past few weeks. Naturally, because we moved there, and I’ve been obsessed with finding all the good stuff, and hacking it to my preferences. By the way, you should follow me on Snapchat.

Yaba is amazing, but not all the cool things to see and do are apparent if you are new. So I do what I know how to do best. I asked people for ideas. Specifically about why there were no solid breakfast delivery options in a geographical cluster that’s home to at least 60 internet and technology companies. A number of people reached out in response to that massive (Twitter and TechCabal’s daily newsletter), including this cool pancake place that’s since made it totally unnecessary for me to do breakfast meetings in Victoria Island.

But of all the interesting responses I received, Chef Nylah’s reply was particularly interesting because she was right in the middle of moving her catering company, Nylah’s Catering, to Alagomeji, which as far as I’m concerned is right in the middle of Herbert Macaulay. The new operation will not just serve breakfast and lunch but will also have co-working options and a rooftop bar when all is ready. ZOMG.

I already pencilled Nylah down as a guaranteed fixture in my Hitchhiker’s guide to the Yaba technology cluster. But Chef Nylah is rather gung-ho about feeding people, so we thought we’d come up with a quick win. Why not ask people to come eat the best meal of the day (at least in my opinion) on Sunday, for not a lot of money? And that’s how Tech Brunch at Nylah’s came about.

One more thing…

We’ve added something fun to the mix. We’re letting the Radar community come up with ideas for tech-themed cocktails.

How it works is simple. We’ve created this thread where anyone can submit an idea (name + ingredients) for a drink or cocktail they’d like to see made on that day, and Chef Nylah and her team will mix em. How do we decide what drinks get made? Simple. It’ll be the three recipes that get the most likes by Radar members. And what’s more, the members that submit the “winning” recipes will get them for free on Sunday!

Expect to spend around N4000 (including a drink). If you’d like to attend, indicate interest by registering here. See you there!

YabaRight and TechCabal are supporting this.

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