The TechCabal x OLX Product Masterclass was on Wednesday, August 10, and you probably already know what happened there. If you weren’t at the event, chances are you don’t know exactly what was taught, but don’t worry, we’ve got you.

We brought in four professionals to speak on topics revolving around the theme “Building products that humans will actually use.” OLX CTO SSA, Stephen Ballot, OLX Product Owner SSA, Stephen van der Heijden, CcHub UX Lead, Kene Udeze, and Big Cabal Media Head of Technology and Design, Ire Aderinokun were the chosen ones, and they were more than happy to give some tips.


1. The problem you’re solving is what’s important

fix it felix

In Stephen Ballot’s words, “The product is not important. The design is not important. The problem you are solving is important.” Focusing on solving a problem is the first step in making a useful product; don’t get caught up in the design of it all.


2. Empathy is important


Kene thinks you should try to look at things from your users’ perspective (because how else are you going to solve their problem the way they want?). Talk, watch and listen. You’ll be glad you did.


3. Understanding your user is key

dr charles

Ire’s presentation was titled “Meet your user” and she broke down how the average user is like. For instance, the average user doesn’t want to learn how to use your app.

View all the slides that were presented at the Masterclass here.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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