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As you probably already know, Linda Ikeji is expanding her business to include four new brands – Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and “LIS”. What’s LIS, you ask? We don’t know. All we got from Linda was “…there’s LIS which I hope will be my biggest brand yet. Maybe even bigger than LIB. I will be unveiling that in a week or so, and I will need your massive support with this one.

*puts on thinking cap*

What does that quote tell us, Watson? It tells us Linda is working on something as big as (“maybe even bigger than”) her blog. What else do we know? We know “LI” stands for “Linda Ikeji” (she’s quite predictable with names). All we need is to figure what the “S” means.

Alright, Watson. Let’s get guessing.

1. Linda Ikeji…Studios


Nigeria has a lot of “upcoming artistes” and there’s definitely strong demand for studios, and with a gossip blog, getting the word out about these artistes would be extra easy.


2. Linda Ikeji…School


Having your own flock of Little Birds to get gist for you (not unlike Lord Varys) is a great way to manage an “information business”. Having your own school gives you the opportunity to train your birds, seeing as you’re a veteran in the business. Lots of knowledge to share.


3.Linda Ikeji…Service


I’m just going to call this one Gossip as a Service (GaaS).


4. Linda Ikeji…Startup


Where all brilliant ideas get built and all brain farts go to die.


5. Linda Ikeji…Suites


Come rest your head…if you can.

6. Linda Ikeji…Sattelite

Eyes everywhere. Nobody’s safe. Nobody’s hidden.


7. Linda Ikeji…Style


Linda might be thinking of going into fashion. How is this connected to a media business? Why, all visual media outfits use costumes. There’s a definitely a market here


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Okay, I’m all out of steam. If you have more suggestions, hit me up.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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