Today, Spectranet 4GLTE announced the launch of its new long-term customer loyalty program, Spectranet Awards. The incentive program aims to reward existing and new customers for their patronage by awarding points that can be amassed and used to redeem gifts and cash discounts.

As a special promotion, Spectranet has announced that the customer that amasses the most reward points by 31st December, 2017, will win a trip to Dubai or, if preferred will get a one year free subscription to Spectranet’s Unlimited Gold plan.

Customers need to register,only once, for the scheme after which every month points will automatically be awarded whenever a subscription is renewed, upgraded or topped-up. Extra points will also be awarded for all sorts of actions which include; paying on time, introducing a friend and paying on-line. Spectranet will even award points just for registering on the scheme. Customers will be invited to register through a personalised email that will be sent out during the month of September 2017.

Mike Ogor, Head of marketing Spectranet, stated “our goal is to reward our customers for returning to enjoy the Spectranet quality service offering and for supporting us”.

Points can be redeemed in exchange for Spectranet Mifi, Data bundles, movie tickets, branded mug or to credit an account.

To demonstrate the transparency of the scheme, customers can check their accumulated points and activity undertaken via a customer portal on its website.

According to Spectranet’sChief Executive Officer,Mr David Venn, “we have a special relationship with our customers and we wanted to provide avery unique benefit, only available on our award winning platform, to reward customers for staying with us, supporting us and sharing our values”.

He continued, “As the market leader, we are happy to reward our customers with gifts that will improve their Internet experience and provide them with better access to things that matter most to them.”

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