Life is now synonymous with technology. You either accept that, or you live under a rock, at the top of a secluded mountain, on another planet. From transport to entertainment, to sharing opinions and lifestyle, technology rules the world.

Today you hold in your hand a device that allows you interact with anyone globally, at the same time showcase your artistic tendencies, and yet still go to the bank right from your living room.

Man has been on the moon, people have cybernetic body parts, there are self-tying shoelaces, and jetpacks galore.

It’s all very nice to talk about, and even nicer to look at. But there is a small problem. None of these amazing discoveries came from us. From Africa. And even though a majority of them have useful applications here, many of the challenges faced by Africans today are unique to us only.

In the same way, only you can properly identify what part of your body hurts, only an African can identify what challenges affect us the most. And then, develop solutions to said challenges.

And this is where AAAP comes in. Africa As A Platform is a gathering of some of the continent’s brightest and most intuitive minds, here to discuss where we are, how we got here and how to create solutions in today’s technology driven world to move us forward.

Temie Giwa Tubosun (Founder & CEO  LifeBank), Bosun Tijani (Co-Founder Cocreation Hub), Dr Beri Mbenkum (Founder/CEO Nanoarc), and Onyeka Akumah (Founder/CEO Farmcrowdy) are just some of the aforementioned minds who will be present to give their perspectives on everything technology as it relates to the African condition.

The event is themed “Machines Millennials and Money”, and will be held at Landmark event center, in Lagos, on the 17th of November, 2017, and everyone is invited.

There is an argument claiming that the western world first went through an industrial revolution, before their technological revolution, and as Africa is yet to have an industrial revolution, surely, we cannot just jump into the realm of tech.

But that is where the world is now. Africa has for far too long, lagged behind as the world develops. It is time we used the technology and expertise available to shed light on the so called ‘Dark Continent’.

So join us on the 17th of November, as Africa’s biggest minds tackle Africa’s challenges.

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