As the official distributors of Manage Engine in NIGERIA, Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited was proud to collaborate on the biggest seminar so far in Nigeria for Manage Engine.  On the 15th of November at the Radisson Blu hotel with Tranter IT, the Manage Engine team who arrived from Dubai and India, offered a closer look at the features, benefits and value of their wide range of IT enterprise solutions for even the most difficult IT management problems.

As partners in progress, Manage Engine and Tranter IT offer World class IT solutions.  Manage Engine  has a whole suite of solutions for your IT problems. Manage Engine offers unified IT and is constantly updated to maintain an Innovative and competitive technical edge for your company. The suite of solutions is supported by a whole calendar of seminars, webinars and workshops each year around the world.

The CEO of Tranter IT, Mr. Lare Ayoola, a visionary, pioneer and leader in the IT industry, opened the seminar with an insight in to the 3-year partnership between Tranter IT and Manage Engine, focusing on the growing demand for the product range whose success is attributed to its high relevance in enhancing business optimisation.

Leading industry stakeholders were all part of the successful and highly interactive event.  The seminar demonstrated how Manage Engine allows corporate organizations to achieve maximum productivity while effortlessly managing overall workload, a key factor in surviving the somewhat challenging economy.

The manage engine suite of solutions is a game changer in the industry improving standards of service, response and raising the bar in monitoring and measuring output.  The software delivers awesome customer service with great control in identifying and addressing IT related issues before they can affect operations. This  has led to the tagline # “No down time” the essence of the Tranter IT offering.

The manage engine range of software also comes packed with powerful integration along side smart automation, extensive reporting capabilities and cloud services.

As Tranter IT and Manage Engine continue to meet the Nigerian market’s needs for IT solutions, more seminars can be anticipated in 2018.

Tranter IT | Author

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