The iPhone 8 is among the newest iPhone models, but the unveiling of the iPhone X considerably overshadowed its September 2017 release. The iPhone 8 turned out to be an underrated phone, as its variety of features make it an excellent choice for all kinds of buyers. Find out why you too should consider buying the iPhone 8 and find the most affordable iPhone 8 offers on Jiji.


On the first glance, the performance specs of the iPhone 8 are pretty much average. However, even though iPhone specs never look particularly good on paper, it’s a different story once the iPhone is finally in your hands. The iPhone 8 comes with the A11 Bionic chip, which makes it one of the fastest mobile devices of the year. Every performance feature of the iPhone 8 has been improved over its predecessors, and the processor now uses less energy, saving your battery life.


Apple has always been ahead of most of the competition when it comes to storage space, but with the latest generation of the iPhone, the company outdid themselves. There are two versions of the iPhone available: a 64GB and 256GB iPhone 8. If you’re mostly listening to music and watching videos online, 64GB should be more than enough, but even if you love to download hundreds of songs for future listening sessions, 256GB of storage will completely satisfy your needs.


Even diehard Android fans won’t argue with the fact that Apple makes some of the best-looking smartphones in the market. Every iPhone is a masterpiece, but it’s especially true for the iPhone 8. For the first time in iPhone’s history, Apple decided to use glass in the design of the phone’s body. The result is a stunning device that is made of exceptionally durable glass that can sustain most types of damage.

Water resistance

More and more phones today come with water resistance functionality, but iPhone was among the first models to feature water resistance characteristics and continues to remain great at it. The iPhone 8 can function up to 30 minutes under 1.5 meters of water, which is pretty decent for a 2017 mobile phone.


iPhones have never been budget devices, but if you’re choosing between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 is a much smarter choice. With the iPhone 8 you get the same storage, RAM, camera, and other specs hundreds of dollars cheaper than the iPhone X. If you’re upgrading from an older version of the iPhone and don’t want to drop a fortune on your new phone, go for the iPhone 8.


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