Last month, I was having a discussion with a close friend concerning the gift card trading business in Nigeria and the world generally. We analyzed how gift cards made a lot of income for iTunes and Amazon in the year 2018 and how it will be kind of slipshod not to pay attention to this business. Due to this, we decided to look into the challenges and the how-tos.

After extensive research, we were able to identify the challenges associated with buying and selling gift cards off for cash and how they can be totally avoided, all of which came down to getting the best site to sell your gift cards.

Challenges You Face When Trading iTunes Gift Card Online

If you are in the gift card business and you’re yet to get a totally reliable vendor, you’re bound to relate to some or all of the following challenges:

  1. Trust issues
  2. Delay of payment
  3. Limited payment method
  4. Limited Availability
  5. Bad rates

Therefore, in order to ease people off the stress of having to face challenges when thumbing through this business, I am going to recommend two tested and trusted sites to exchange gift cards in Nigeria, and

These two sites have been providing amazing services over the years and they have testimonials to justify this claim. They have been able to beat all the challenges associated with gift card business and are bound to propel you to greater heights when you have dealings with them.

Sell Gift Cards On

Cardnosh is a site where you can sell iTunes gift cards and others easily without stress. The company’s registration number is 2777339. You can trade on their website by creating an account on the user dashboard or contact them on Whatsapp at 08125349466. They are available 24/7 to attend to customers and payment is sent within 5 minutes.

They buy gift cards of various kinds: iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, steam, Walmart, Sephora, Apple store card, Nordstrom, Google play, eBay, PlayStation gift card and just any other gift card.

Gift Card Trade On

Cardtonic is another site to sell a steam gift card, iTunes card and Amazon card e.t.c at best rates. The company reg number is 2654401.

Trading with Cardtonic comes with a lot of advantages and you are bound to appreciate every single iTunes card trade made with the organization.

Cardtonic is similar to Cardnosh, only that Cardtonic does not have a user dashboard and only transact on Whatsapp. You can reach Cardtonic on Whatsapp at 07060502770 to get started trading with them.

Advantages of Selling Gift Card On These Two Platforms

  1. You will not have to worry about getting ripped
  2. You will get the best rates you can find in Nigeria
  3. They are always available 24/7
  4. They both pay within 5 minutes
  5. They have flexible payment options


Now that the problem statement is no longer a problem, you can get the best money value for all your unused gift cards within 5 minutes by using the platforms recommended above. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How To Begin?

Contact Cardnosh: (Whatsapp – 08125349466)

Contact Cardtonic: (Whatsapp – 07060502770)

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