Life is a continuous journey of survival and determination. Those who make a great mark in life are those that strive to succeed against all odds. We see this tenacity in the lives of Nigerians.

Famed for their indefatigable spirit, Nigerians don’t give up easily – even in the face of the daily challenges of life. We believe that each day comes with its own promises of survival. This is what caught my eyes in the latest television commercial that 9mobile released recently to launch its Magic Hour promo. The advert tells the story of a man, who is confronted with the daily struggle for survival. It is a story of hope and determination; a compelling one that shows how a brand’s reward to a loyal customer can change his fortune.

Also commendable is the use of music to enhance the key message of the TVC for easy understanding; the fine art of storytelling and the unusual approach of the visual narrative will surely resonate with Nigerians. 9mobile is literally changing the narrative!

For a brand that has gone through a lot in the last one year, 9mobile has once again demonstrated its love and commitment to Nigerians by launching a daily reward promo especially during the first quarter of the year when things are generally tough. This shows that year 2019 will be exciting and fun-filled for subscribers of Nigeria’s fastest and most reliable network, 9mobile, as the network is set to reward her loyal customers with amazing cash prizes in a new mega promo tagged “The Magic Hour promo”.

In this massive magical promotion, there will be something for everyone! From airtime bonuses to smartphones and millions of Naira in cash prizes.

The Magic Hour Promo is not surprising though, 9mobile is known for its commitment to customers and to show how much they are valued, the telco giant offers freebies from time to time. What is however surprising is the fact that despite the challenges the brand has faced in the recent past, it has continued to demonstrate a strong determination to succeed against all odds. From the launch of the brand’s 9nniversary campaign to this Magic Hour promo, no one is left in doubt that 9mobile is back bigger and better.

To participate in the Magic hour promo is super easy, all you need to do is recharge your 9mobile line with N100 and above and you are qualified to win any of the amazing cash prizes 9mobile is rewarding their loyal consumers with.

From all indications, the magic hour promo isn’t just one of those promotions where prizes are not redeemed. 9mobile has an unbroken record of matching words with action when it comes to redeeming its promises to consumers. Over the last decade, the brand has always found innovative ways to connect with its customers, give them superior online experience and reward them for their loyalty.

The Magic Hour promotion is no different; it is already set to reward loyal consumers and give them the best value for their money. This promotion is 9mobile’s way of giving back to customers who have remained loyal throughout the years. No doubt, customers will be excited about all the cash prizes and smartphones they will be receiving.

For the duration of the 1 lucky subscriber will win N250,000 while 5 others will win N50,000 daily, 5 smartphones will be given away weekly, N5million will be up for grabs every month and the ultimate winner will go home with the whopping price of N20 million at the end of the promo.

This is indeed a life-changing opportunity for 9mobile customers. With the winnings, lucky winners can buy a new car, house, get that smartphone, pay school fees, rent a new flat and sort out family expenses. This is truly a promo for the people going by the frequency of winnings – daily, weekly and monthly.

The Magic Hour Promo is part of the 9mobile 9nniversary celebration that recognizes and rewards the resilient optimistic spirit of the everyday Nigerian. There will be a brand-new theme song, a video that gives everyone the chance to be a superstar, and the massive promo rewards.

Remember that everyone is a winner in the 9mobile Magic Hour Promotion, all you have to do is recharge N100 and above and get a chance to win millions of Naira in cash prizes while enjoying the better and superior services of 9mobile.

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