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Leadway Assurance is at the helm of Innovative Insurance again. The Insurance company known for deploying several disruptive ways to go about the business of insurance has just launched a new product, Leadway Student’s Protection Plan – the first-ever digital insurance product in Nigeria. 

The newly launched Student’s Protection Plan is an N1,000 insurance plan designed for students of Federal Tertiary institutions to ensure that their education continues and is completed if there’s an unfortunate loss of a parent, sponsor or guardian who is responsible for their education.

In addition, the insurance plan is a full digital service from sign-up, payment and even claims which is the first of its kind in the industry, this means students can get the insured in 15mintues or less, which makes it an easier and more convenient way to enjoy an insurance product that helps protect their future.

The product is available only for students of Federal/State University, Polytechnic or College of Educations for just N1,000 monthly and in the event of an unfortunate loss the student will receive a one-time payment of N250,000 to enable pay their school fees and continue their education.

Leadway’s mantra, “Insuring Happiness” has proven to be more than just a catchy phrase, rather, it is something you can ‘feel’ in every Leadway product, and it seems there’ll be more groundbreaking insurance products coming from the remarkable Insurance company. 

Click here to learn more about the Student protection plan.

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