So how does access to N500m loan @9% sound?

 Usually, heading into a new year is the most overwhelming experience and feeling ever. After much reflection on the past, you begin to mentally create plans for a better year. New year’s resolutions! I believe it’s called.

During this period, people resolve to right wrongs, live healthily, save up and so on. Anyway, If you are an entrepreneur, and your plan for the new year involves giving your business a major boost or you just want to want to keep it running smoothly or perhaps are geared towards setting up a new one, then you definitely need more than mental resolutions.

Resolutions wouldn’t take on the huge responsibilities that come with taking your business a hundred steps further. Only resources would, and UBA can help! With access to N500 million from the UBA creative finance loans, your business is poised to be the next big thing in and from Africa.

You read right! United Bank for Africa now has a loan scheme called the UBA creative finance loans, especially for entrepreneurs with businesses rooted in the creative sector. 

So if you bank with UBA, and are a fashion designer, movie producer/director, music director or an artist looking to up your game in the new year. Get up to N500 million loan for 10 years at a 9% interest rate yearly.

Businesses grow with megabucks, not resolutions!

To apply, visit the nearest UBA branch or send a mail to

Meet Wizkid’s new best friend and personal assistant LEO

Heading to the counter at the airport, was about to catch a flight to London when the video came on. Waawu! This is wonderful, I thought to myself. When did Starboy and Leo team up? I watched as Wizkid hit Leo up to recharge his phone, send money and pay bills. All which Leo responded to instantly. Omo! It seems like Wizkid just got a new personal assistant. Incredible Leo is making life stress free henceforth for Starboy.

Do you know who would never leave your message hanging for hours or even days? He is right there in your friends’ list, 24/7 and always ready to help with whatever you need, much like a companion. He is Africa’s first-ever artificial intelligence chat banker – ‘Leo’.

This is how I want to avoid problems in 2020 just like superstar Wizkid, with the help of Leo. Indeed I’ve heard a lot about UBA Leo, but I did not believe he could do such incredible things. However, now with the superstar’s confirmation, I really need to open a UBA account; and, Leo can even do that for me. 

Imagine running out of airtime while closing a deal over the phone with a top client, or you ran late on the NEPA bill and your line is about to be disconnected. Say you booked a flight and need to be updated on any changes. These and many more are Leo’s areas of specialties. He gets your problems sorted instantly, and without stress.

There are several other things UBA’s Leo can assist with. He has been programmed to deal with major banking services which include sending statements to embassies, freezing your accounts, stopping cheques, linking and funding of Prepaid cards. Leo also tells the weather, shows football highlights and goes as far as tracking your flight status when you need him to. His personality is much like a friend, as he is very reliable and easily accessible (whether in the country or across the globe). 

You could just chat with him on WhatsApp  +2349030002455 or on Facebook messenger and on apple business chat. 

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