The African music industry has seen several positive changes with regards to the continent’s music style, structure and music production process. Thanks to the internet, 60% of modern music producers now learn how to produce music on the internet using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Udemy and other popular music tutoring blogs.

So, obviously, the world is going digital with everything getting easily accessible with just a click. As regards these, there is a solid “want” for the evolution of the music industry as well and that is where AmplifiHub comes in.

What is AmplifiHub?

AmplifiHub is a web-app designed by music producers for music producers to meet the needs and wants of African music producers and artists all over the continent, satisfying the general public and the makers of African music. This is a digital way of showcasing talents and also building talents in Nigeria and Africa at large. AmplifiHub can be referred to as a “one-stop-shop” for African music producers; where one has access to African music beats coupled with African music mixing and mastering services offered by the professionals in the industry.

Aesthetically, the web-app is beautifully designed with unclouded graphics and an easily accessible layout so, one does not easily get confused while navigating the web-app. AmplifiHub also has a music player embedded in it so people can easily sample beats and other suitable content. Amp is located with the URL

What You Gain As A Music Producer / Mixer in Africa Using AmplifiHub :

AmplifiHub gives you the opportunity to market your African beats and other African music-making services such as mixing and mastering online to customers based anywhere in the world. To properly gain access to these features we have payment plans that you subscribe to if you decide to go pro, which enables you to display your products and services to the musicians looking for your beats and services. Alongside this, You would have your login details and your personal dashboard to track conversions and know-how and where to improve your marketing.

In bullet points you get :

  • A Personal online beat store
  • A Html5 Store (embed your beat store on your personal website)
  • Mixing and Mastering orders
  • Secured online transactions with customers based anywhere in the world.
  • A dashboard to track conversions and total beat plays
  • Beat license contracts for every beat sold

What You Gain As An Artiste / Buyer Using AmplifiHub :

AmplifiHub provides a platform that acts as a one-stop-shop for your music needs. No need to go around looking for free beats, Afrobeat Instrumentals, Highlife beats, Dance hall beats  or professional mixing and mastering services when you can get it all in one place “AmplifiHub”. Get you a music producer & a mixing and mastering engineer for your next release without any hassle. 

In bullet points you get :

  • African Beats (free and premium)
  • Mixing and Mastering Services
  • Secured transactions with African music producers
  • Beat license contract with the producer you buy from

Our Subscription Packages

AmplifiHub provides really affordable and reasonable rates for our customers. Visit our subscription page to get a full breakdown of each package benefits. But in summary, our packages are :

  1. Trial : 3 Beats limit for only 7 days.
  2. Gold : NGN 1,500 / month and NGN 12,500 / year for 10 beats upload limit
  3. Silver: NGN 3,000 / month and NGN 25,200 / year for 30 beats + mixing and mastering addon
  4. Platinum : NGN 8,000 / month and NGN 67,200 / year for unlimited beats upload and mixing and mastering addon.

Our Referral System / Affiliate Marketing Program

There is a referral system that AmplifiHub offers every registered user which gives back 100% of what the referred user subscribes, for the first month. So, when you refer someone and he or she subscribes for a monthly plan, you get back what he or she paid for to your personalized e-wallet. Like we say in AmplifiHub, “Earn while you create”.

Our Communication System

Visit the AmplifiHub knowledge base and FAQ page which answers any possible question you might have concerning the website and how it runs. There is also a live chat icon where you can have a conversation with the AmplifiHub team about issues pertaining to the site, suggestions, and questions you feel were not answered at all or to your satisfaction.


So, what are you waiting for? Sell beats online, log on to, sign up, subscribe to any of the packages stated and move along with the new wave. And if you’re in need of African content, visit the website now to buy African beats online and get flooded with what Africa has to offer! The currents of the music industry sea in Africa are flowing vigorously and AmplifiHub is here to be your surfboard. Happy sailing!

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