30%Club, a trading club created for young professionals has launched its platform after some months in stealth mode. The club aims to be the go-to platform for educational and advisory resources for stocks and crypto trading. By breaking the knowledge barrier, we serve as a learning bridge for Nigerians looking to trade stocks and crypto. 

Thanks to the recent wave of fintech startups creating digital brokerage apps and the timely introduction of fractional shares, tech savvy millennials now have seamless and affordable access to the US stock markets. Now, folks can invest in high growth stocks effortlessly, from their smartphones. Also, Crypto offers an exciting although volatile alternative to stock trading. While stocks are an established asset, Bitcoin and crypto are of a next-generation asset class and the 30%Club helps you navigate better in these fascinating markets. With 1 in every 2 millennials projected to actively trade stocks or crypto this decade, there is a huge market demand for an education bridge.

The club is non-custodial which means members handle & manage their capital personally. 30%Club does not invest nor trade on behalf of the public, but simply provides educational and advisory services to our members to enable members to make informed decisions. 

Users who sign-up to the 30%Club have access to a dashboard with educational content, market insights, instructional videos & trade signals. The platform is free for all to sign up while premium members are charged a fee for access to in-depth market research & trade signals. 

Seyi Atere-Roberts, the clubs founder, believes there will be a gradual explosion in active trading among young professionals, even though this may begin as a side-hobby or hustle with a potential for appetite to significantly increase. 30%Club is leveraging this generational change by adding value to this burgeoning market. Trading is different from investing, usually focused on more short-term movements in markets. The clubs’ mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions so that individuals have the confidence to trade better. For example, the present Corona virus outbreak has created an unprecedented impact on the US Stock markets and other asset classes resulting in an across-the-board price slump. While some traders and investors globally are taking a patient approach and waiting for the dust to settle, some are trading the dips while others are still shorting. Trading clubs like ours provide high quality data and insights which will enable members make better trading decisions.   

You can sign up for free on www.30percent.club and holla on Twitter or Facebook

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