African startup to use Crypto to feed 1,000 families in Self-isolation

Fliqpay, a cryptocurrency payments gateway based in Nigeria on Wednesday 8th April, announced a partnership with Iranwo foundation a non-profit which provides equal access to economic opportunities for women.

The Iranwo foundation is looking to raise 10 million Naira in donations to provide food to people that will be affected by the self-isolation policy the Nigerian government declared.

The partnership will aid Iranwo to raise money from Nigerians in Diaspora and people around the world who use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. With this partnership, Iranwo will be able to reach its goal of raising 10 million Naira in a shorter period so that it can assist in providing food for people.

The isolation policy so far appears to be the most effective strategy in the fight against COVID-19. Spain, Italy and South Korea which has seen hundreds die as a result of the coronavirus have in the past couple of days begun to see a fall in the number of coronavirus cases.

With the Nigerian government initially declaring a 2-week quarantine period in the cities of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun with a likelihood of it being extended, people who depend on a daily income will be at risk.

It is based on this that Fliqpay partnered with Iranwo to raise money to provide food and essentials to these people who may not be able to afford to stock up on food while lockdowns are enforced.

Speaking to the founder of Iranwo foundation, Olufunmi Oni, “Our initiatives are usually targeted towards creating economic opportunities for women. 

However, we have seen how the self-isolation is affecting low-income individuals and families who depend on a daily income to survive and decided to start this initiative. We want to help these people and are grateful for every contribution regardless of the amount.”

The Iranwo founder also added that “with 10 million naira, we can conveniently assist 1,000 families, which will support their basic needs especially food and healthcare.”

According to the CEO of FliqPay, Wole Ayodele “We are partnering with the Iranwo Foundation as they are helping to bring much-needed assistance to families and the vulnerable people around us.  For us, at Fliqpay we believe that while the health care workers are doing their best to save those infected we need to help answer the question of food availability for those who do not have the resources to stock up.”

The Fliqpay CEO also mentioned that as part of the partnership they will be donating in Bitcoin as well as waiving all fees for everyone making a donation.

You can donate towards the initiative by using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Donate today:

Fliqpay is a cryptocurrency payments gateway that enables businesses and NGOs to receive payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies then get instant value in their local currency.

This year Fliqpay was selected as one of 10 startups to join Techstars Bangalore, a seed accelerator that helps startups succeed.

Iranwo foundation which started in 2016 has done over 15 programs in 2 states in 

Nigeria, impacting over 9,000 people.

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