“When you invest, you are buying a day that you don’t have to work.” – Aya Laraya

With the Central bank of Nigeria reviewing the treasury bills and savings deposit account to 0.5% and 1.25% interest rates per annum respectively, it’s like paying the bank to keep your money and earning nothing on it, that hurts right? You would wonder where all the wealthy people are putting their money now, well, our guess is that they store their funds in assets, more precisely digital assets in many cases Bitcoin(far bigger than naira will ever get in 10 years). We are not only saying this because a lot of investors on our platform are buying more bitcoin or because blockchain has recorded more transaction volume in the past few months, let’s think about it logically, isn’t that the best move? Why would you want to earn 0.5% per annum when you can easily earn from 5% to as high as 136% in a short time of few weeks to a long term of months amidst bitcoin volatility. The great part is that we have stepped it up a ton by bringing you a Bitcoin investment promo, imagine earning as high as 25% on top of your capital in just a month. That is the possibility we bring to the table.

What Is Bitcoin Investment Promo? Remember those times when we were kids and our folks told us we couldn’t grow money on trees? well, we just created a way where you can grow money on trees literally. You might ask what is this sorcery, how is this possible? Don’t rush, just calm down and let us explain the best investment opportunity in Africa to you. So say you deposit ₦100,000 into your Botmecash naira wallet and you intend to buy bitcoin with it, you can save half to invest and use the other half for transactions, letting the invested half grow and compound exponentially. Let’s say you decided to invest ₦500,000 you instantly get a cash bonus of ₦7000 and your investment clock starts counting down and as days progress you get both the profit of bitcoin growth and your investment credited to your wallet. There are no admin fees, no segmentation, no extra registration required and you are prioritized soon after you sign up, you become our Honourable.


What is the minimum amount I can invest in? The minimum amount you can currently invest is ₦50,000.

What is the investment time duration? You are required to invest for 30 consecutive days.

Why is the interest pegged at 25%? We want you to really make money not a Ponzi investment where it’s dicey so despite the volatile market implication of bitcoin, we have devised an unflinching profitable strategy that guarantees you up to 25% when you invest in the Bitcoin Saver Promo by Botmecash from 50,000 Naira upward.

Is my money secure? We are more than a bank, we are a highly sophisticated blockchain company with top-notch decentralized finance technology so be rest assured your funds are secured from day 1 to 30 and beyond.

So Honourable what are you waiting for? Click Here to start investing in Bitcoin. *Please read our terms of use and privacy policy here*

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